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UDUGIRL (aka Janelle Burdell)

Udugirl: Her sound is her SuperPower!

Janelle Burdell's (AKA Udugirl), "Let The Spirit Play VOL 1 EP is out streaming on all platforms! Spotify, You Tube, Apple, Tidal. Three different feels are presented in these tracks. Dance to it; Meditate to it; share with a friend. These solo Udu pieces will deepen your listening and calm your mind.

Her upcoming release UDU U LUV! shows the Udu drum like never before!

HIP HOP to ELECTRONICA; BASS LINES  to MELODIES! Featuring Bakithi Kumalo on Bass, June Millington on Guitar and many others, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and You Tube channel & don't miss a beat! 

UDUGIRL(aka Janelle Burdell)

This site will NOT be taking orders nor will I be able to get back to you due to my needing Open Heart Surgery caused by a Birth Defect in my heart. I will be back sometime next spring with drums, online educational courses and new music! Appreciate your love and support. This was a total surprise to me and I am grateful they found it and can fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Looking forward to getting you up and drumming soon next spring! Below is the Link to My GoFundMe Page as I will be out of work for 6 months and need help with paying rent and bills. Appreciate your support. Thank you! -jb

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