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UDUGIRL (aka Janelle Burdell)

Udugirl: Her sound is her SuperPower!

Janelle Burdell's (AKA Udugirl), "Let The Spirit Play VOL 1 EP is out streaming on all platforms! Spotify, You Tube, Apple, Tidal. Three different feels are presented in these tracks. Dance to it; Meditate to it; share with a friend. These solo Udu pieces will deepen your listening and calm your mind.

Her upcoming release UDU U LUV! shows the Udu drum like never before!

HIP HOP to ELECTRONICA; BASS LINES  to MELODIES! Featuring Bakithi Kumalo on Bass, June Millington on Guitar and many others, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and You Tube channel & don't miss a beat! 

UDUGIRL(aka Janelle Burdell)

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