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Check out Janelle's virtuoso Zendrum playing Double drums and original sound design (dripping with delay), here to "Everybody's Sexy by Charlie Superfly! Flawless!

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Janelle slamming on Drums for Legendary Rockers June & Jean Millington at NWMF!

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Udugirl brings spirit wherever she goes.This improvisation to her "Story of Udu", lit the house on fire bringing all together instantly! (You could hear a pin drop!) Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

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Janelle Burdell (aka Udugirl)

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Janelle Burdell has worked with everyone from ARETHA FRANKLIN to the GRATEFUL DEAD; BROADWAY to TUPAC. Her upcoming release UDU U LUV? features the Udu drum like never before along with Bakithi Kumalo on Bass (Paul Simon); June Millington on Guitar (formerly of Fanny); Evelyn Harris (formerly of Sweet Honey in the Rock).Subscribe to my newsletter & YouTube channel to not miss a beat!


Janelle played Drums & Percussion on Kristen Ford's "Radio" tho the video was shot during lockdown in the Pandemic. What to do with no drums nearby? Grab some chopsticks and clang a pot and pan! LOL! Enjoy!

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