About Janelle


"Janelle makes drumming Fun! She has a great groove! She puts it right where you want it."
- Mickey Hart, percussionist~Grateful Dead, Planet Drum

"Janelle Burdell ROCKS!! One of the finest drum set players out there today - plenty of technique & a powerful groove." 
- Layne Redmond, solo percussionist,~ author of "When the Drummers were Women"

"Simple & Solid... Makes you feel good." 
- Bakithi Kumalo, Bass Player ~Paul Simon / Mickey Hart

"Janelle... is a pioneer of interactive live performance." 
- Electronic Musician, Dec 1995

"Janelle is a drummer I met through the people at Zendrum. I believe very strongly that she is on to something very deep with her music and playing.  She understands Mother Nature's electrical and earthy roots in the role of her drumming approach. Her playing and composing helps to rhythmically and musically inspire the natural impulses of our world - playing hands and dancing feet!." 
- Future Man/  Royel Wooten ~Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

Janelle Burdell has worked with the following artists: Aretha Franklin, Billy Porter, Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart, Tupac Shakur. Ferron, Herbie Hancock., June & Jean Millington, Christine Ohlman, Bakithi Kumalo, Little Shop Of Horrors, Broadway & National Tour, & National Tour of Disney's Beauty & the Beast 


JANELLE BURDELL (aka UDUGIRL®) is a Drummer and Wellness expert who has not only worked with many of the greatest musicians ever, (Aretha Franklin, Grateful Dead, Tupac Shakur,); she was also on the vanguard of the application of group drumming and it's many benefits with the largest drum company in the world. 
Her Rhythm Games offers a sound path for getting in rhythm with your deepest self & desires, gaining confidence while transforming you, your world and your business.
Her "interactive", "deep listening" approach lets you attune & shift your direction toward your goals easily...one...beat..at..a..time.
Change your Rhythm,
Change your Life!
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".Instant relief from anxiety & depression!" ~ David Zimcosky, PA-C

""Janelle, you are THE best!!!!  I really feel that you have given me a new life.  I can't always be as strong as you are, but I keep trying!  You have given me a new life ! You just don't know how much I appreciate YOU!!!!

I know if I hadn't met you... I wouldn't still be around in this world!!"  ~J. K.

""I never saw what happened here tonight... Actually, EVER!

All kids dropped "tech" (video games, iPads etc. ), & stayed engaged the entire time!",~ Staff, Women's Center Pittsburgh, PA

" You bring so much to S'eclairer and everyone you meet." ~ Intern at S'eclairer

"It seems a week does not go by without someone from the shelters calling me up to tell me what a phenomenal job you’re doing with the kids & families. You’re doing really solid work...

Thanks for sharing your light with so many people."

Laura Saulle, Former. Director Homeless Children's Enrichment Fund